All About Law Firms

What is a law firm?

This is an organisation formed by one or more lawyers whose core roles include; advising clients on their legal rights and responsibilities, representing clients during the contractual process, representing clients in court cases and other legal matters as well as representing their clients interest in business transactions such as mergers and acquisitions. employment solicitors birmingham can also be tasked with developing and submitting different types of documents on behalf of their clients when the need arises.

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What types of law firms are there?

There are different types of law firms based on their structure, their size, the services offered and their location. Mega Firms have offices in different parts of the world and offer a wide range of legal services. Most of these firms with a worldwide presence are headquartered either in the United Kingdom or in the United States of America. The second classification is the Full service Firms. These are legal firms that have departments specialising in different aspects of the law including Mergers and Acquisitions, Banking, corporate litigation and even Personal Injuries- although this is not a main point of focus.

Where do you find them?

Boutique law firms are mostly found in small cities and urban areas and mostly specialise in a single area. The area of specialisation could be antitrust law, intellectual property, employment and labour law, telecommunications and personal injury among others. There are also modern law firms that are classified as virtual law firms meaning that they do not have a physical location to conduct their activities. Such firms operate from remote locations and use modern technology in their day to day operations, mainly to minimise their costs of operations.

Who would use a law firm?

Law firms can be used both by individuals, different types of groups and organisations that require representation in a legal process or any other work that requires legal skills and experience. Everyone is entitled to legal representation irrespective of whether they are guilty or not.

Why would someone use a law firm?

Legal provisions on different business transactions and life occurrences can be complicated to understand without the prerequisite legal knowledge. The lack of proper understanding can result in unfavourable end results. To avoid this and increase the chances of success, all transactions and processes that require legal knowledge should be handled by lawyers and solicitors.

Strict Deadlines

In addition to this, all legal processes have a defined procedure as well as strict deadlines for submissions of different documents and arguments. Failure to comply with these deadlines and procedures may result in unfavourable fines, penalties and the case can even be thrown out on the grounds that the due processes were not followed. Solicitors understand all these provisions and ensure that their clients are fully compliant beforehand.


The legal process can be expensive although the return on investment is also high. It requires a lot of resources including specialised lawyers, a library of case laws and legal books, books outline legal procedures and so on. As an individual, you may not have the financial resources required to acquire all these resources. However, law firms have invested heavily in different kind of resources to ensure that their clients get the best representation in the market and since the law firms spread the use of these resources across clients, they become affordable.